Sunday, September 2, 2007


"All of us have a talent hidden in us." I used to laugh when someone used to tell me this. "If I have a talent hidden in me, why don't I find it?? And if I can't find it, how can you say I have it??" That was till I silenced myself by coming with a talent I had never known existed in me!

My friend Trupti writes good shayaris. Though I have tried writing a couple of shayaris, I never knew we were capable for "jugalbandi". This one happened by chance...and I am not sure whether I can do it again. Nevertheless, hope you all enjoy this one...

SMS jhala hota thoda ola,
Send kela ani nemka paus aala!
Vachaychya aadi pusun ghe tyala,
Pan jara japun, karan tyat ahae maitricha olava!
Happy Pausala!!!

Maitricha olava nasto pusaycha,
Karan tyat asto godwa aplyancha!
Gheun ala ahae anadachya waryala,
Mhanat ahae tumhala hi Very Happy Pausala!!!

Kahin aap shayar ke chele toh nahi?
Hindi nahi toh marathi sher hi sahi!
Iss shayari ke chakkar mein kahi,
Sab na bhule ke kabhi Ashutosh tha yehi!

Shayari utni achi na thi.
Jab aapse dosti na thi!
Aapne fasaya shayari mein aisa,
Ke aab yakin nahi aata, ke Ashutosh hai aisa!

Lagta hai aap batein banane mein great,
I wonder if it is a typical Saraswat trait!
Hope my friendship opens your kismat ka gate,
My best wishes for you changes your FATE!!!

Jab milta hai aap jaisa mate,
Toh life ka hota hai acha fate!
I don't know if this is a trait,
Whatever it is, Saraswats are great!!!

Have you been a part of such jugalbandi?? Have you anything like this to share?? Keep writing to and we will let you what a wonderful thing it is!


Vivek said...

Awesome, Ashutosh and Trupti, you both are fantastic, seems like you are both already professional shayars! loved the jugalbandi! waiting for more

Nagesh Pai said...

Proves that even 160 letters dont limit talent and awesome creativity :-)

Great Show

Reetika Karkhanis said...

Hey that was simply gr8. Keep it up...would love to hear more!