Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The art of woman - Reetika

A picture is worth a thousand words and a painting is worth a thousand bucks! One of our budding artists, Reetika has come-up with a series of her paintings. No words have been spoken and yet the paintings say a lot.

Thanks, Reetika for the paintings! We loved them all and we look for more art work from you!

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amit said...

Reetika che paintings pahile. tey varnan karaila shabdh nahit.too good Reetika.
hope to see some more.
tya paintings baghun mala hi kahi chitra kala karaichi hous aali ahe. :)
mahagsb chya madhyamaatun barech talents aplya samor yet ahet.
hope this turns out to be a platform for people to reach the celebrity heights.
and also help in making people more creative.

with best wishes to MahaGSB

Nagesh Pai said...

These paintings are truly beautiful! Reetika do let me know when you have your next exhibition :)

Good efforts in bringing talent together, vivek!

Forest_ranger said...

Reetika - way to go

You are simply awesome............keep going we might have discovered a Hussain amongst us


Good beginning to a great project !!

Reetika Karkhanis said...

Hello everyone, Thanks for your encouraging words. Since I have no formal training on the subject, there are bound to be flaws...thanks for being so magnanimous and generous with your comments

Maha GSB said...

The paintings are really wonderful Reetika! I really loved them, can we have a video of you painting or can you give tips to others like me who like you love to paint, But arent so good?

@Nagesh pai and Forest ranger
The contribution and the ideas are of the blog are of MAHA GSB team, not mine! So hats of to the team, its just the small start to the journey, still a long way to go! You both are also extremely talented, so we are waiting for contributions from you guys too!

Asawari said...

Hey Reetika....
The paintings are amazing... Like Amit said, m too tempted to paint. will u take a workshop to teach us d basics?

Hats off to our very own Hussain!!!!

Asawari :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Reetika,
Good job done by you n ur art !!!! Hats off to u.
Actually me too an artist specialised in abstract painting [:)](coz eventually wht i paint gets to be abstract). Jokes apart u made me wonder wht I missed by not learning the art of painting !!!!
Keep up the good work buddy n god bless u !!!!

Abhijit said...

Nice paintings, just like the photos you send to PhotoIdli...

Kanchan said...

hi ritz!
great! you go,girl!

Shruti said...

Hi Reetika

Amazing pictures yar superb work